“I absolutely adore the drawing of Wesley. Made even more precious with his recent health problems. The way Jana managed to get the shading so perfect with just charcoal is amazing. She definitely captured his eyes, too. The expression is so him!”

Katie Snyder

“Jana did a painting of Brooklyn for us to surprise her owner for his birthday. She captured Brooklyn’s adorable smile and the twinkle in her eyes. Her owner loved the painting! Actually, everyone loved it. Jana did an amazing job!”

Mike and Tram

“The first week of February of 2020 I lost my best friend.  Her name was TrudiLynne Lovely.  Every 27 pounds of her little furry black body and deep brown eyes was my joy of returning home every day.

My little girl was diagnosed with intestinal cancer the summer of 2019.  Unfortunately, the treatment was hard on her already compromised kidneys and they began failing her.  I was so distraught and besides myself after I had to have her put down in my arms.  It nearly killed me.

I was lying in bed and looking at Facebook one evening and someone on a dog site published a painting that they had done of their deceased dog. It looked so real, as if the pet was actually alive!!  I was able to find the artist, Jana Fadness, and contacted her.  I commissioned her to do a painting of Trudi that I could have framed and placed somewhere in my home that I could see every morning. 

I sent Jana a few pictures of Trudi, but Jana asked me about Trudi and her personality.  Jana presented me with a couple of pencil drafts and as I commented on her eyes, the background, her fur, etc. she absolutely captured the heart and soul of my girl. 

I high recommend Jana if you are interested in a commission of a loved one. The framed art of Trudi is my prized possession in my home.”

Sharon Lovely